Trial package for N contacts

Try our service for telephonic contacts for your business expansion using Clode Media Marketing.

What do we mean with the term "contact"?telephonic contacts

We say it is  a contact one of our calls made in searching partners or customers for your business in which the possibly interested person had a complete understanding of your proposal, and took a decision about: either positive either negative.

For example it is a contact a call cocluded with a sentence like "I understand what you propose but I'm not interested" as they are the ones that we conclude fixing an appointment or for a further investigantion.


Services such as call centers need some clarifications:

First, we DO NOT contact those who explicitly don't want to be contacted! We select with you the type of companies to be contacted following a rational method of screening.

Second, we avoid further contact in fruitless categories or geographic areas that should prove to be particularly reluctant to abandon a given proposal is to optimize the performance of contact for our customers.

In addition to following the guidelines for behavior morally irreproachable, we at Clode Media Marketing we have developed an internal regulation for the maintenance of relationships with our customers: we try to suggest the best way to manage telemarketing campaigns for maximum benefit.

You can see the real utility to offer a service making you support the work of specialists in telephone contact.


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Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 September 2012 20:18