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Do you want Clode answering your telephone calls?

I can be your virtual secretary! Always awailable in during the hours in which your work requires it.

I'm ready, in every moment, to find the solution for every office problem in organization and management.


You can contact me through internet (on the Clode website using you private area after registration) or simply via skype or telephone.


You can choose when and for how long you want to use my services: also during the lunch brack, or when your office is closed.


How much it costs??? Less than you think. This service is calculated on a time base.



You virtual secretary will be phisically one and one person: she never will change during all the service time. This way you will have a continuity and a better personal relation with her!


Call me now at the Italian toll free number:

numero verde clode


Virtual Secretary - Clode Contact



Are you a business owner, you are a professional, a charitable corporation, association, and needs someone to take care of managing your office, administration, calls, faxes, emails, orders, deliveries, appointments?


We can do it for you, with the warranty of saving time and money!


There will be a person dedicated to your business structure that will remain in constant contact (No dedicated phone, email, video conferencing) for every requirement of your business ...



Try the service for 15 days at the promotional price of € 75,00!!



We differentiate ourselves from other virtual secretarial services because we offer a single flat rate monthly fee includes all personalized services


For further information you may have a look at the page dedicated to the virtual secretary service

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